Image 1Le' Charme is a modern day charm school that creates an environment that enriches young ladies through poise and grace while encouraging young men to be chivalrous, thus moving towards an empowered society. While society has evolved, social graces and manners has dissolved. While parents lead fast paced lives, the family "dinner time talk" has been replaced with "dinner time tv show". There is no question that in today's society we have to arm ourselves with courtesy and good manners, though technology has taken away "the personal touch" parents must be astute in giving their children good old fashion lessons in manners and social graces. Though Le'Charme brings these social graces to you and your family in a contemporary style we stay true to the protocol that was set forth many decades ago.

Meet the Founder

Image 1CEO and senior Instructor with Le’ Charme; Peta-Gay Henry, earned her BA from Nova Southeastern University in Communication Studies, and earned her certification from the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals, she maintains her affiliation and membership with the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals . While studying Peta-Gay Henry conducted quite a number of volunteer hours at several Charter schools in Broward County and conducts etiquette training seminars through her weekly community etiquette program. It is the culture of Le’Charme that etiquette does not stand alone in creating a well rounded individual, so while introducing her students to etiquette she introduces them to music and art through visits to local art studios and symphonies.


You have seven seconds to make a first impression and what happens in those first seven seconds will decide if someone wants to get to know you, or not. The tricky thing about this is you need much more than that 7 seconds to prepare for this "first impression". Many are never prepared and great opportunities pass them by, because of these crucial seconds.To prepare you for this important time Le' Charme has developed a comprehensive training program that won't leave you in the dark for your seven seconds of time to shine .
**** Self esteem building exercises and motivational messages to keep students confident and engaged are offered in every encounter with our etiquette professionals.


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